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Classy Queen Consultants' Secured Credit Card

With our secured credit card consumers can: 

  • Apply in Minutes + No Credit Score Requirement​

  • Put Down $200 Deposit To Open Your Secure Credit Card

  • Build Credit by Making Purchases With Your Credit Builder Card

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Credit Strong
Savings Loan

Consumers can build their credit while saving money:

How it Works:

  • Austin Capital Bank gives you an installment loan and places the borrowed funds in a savings account in your name. 

  • Each month you make a single, fixed monthly payment.  

  • Your payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus and you earn interest on your savings account balance. 

  • At the end of the term (when the loan is paid in-full), the funds become available to you. 

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Rock the Score

Get credit for your rent payments!

How it Works:

  • When enrolled in this program, you will be able to have your rent payments reported to the credit bureaus monthly.

  • Take advantage of this great opportunity to help with your payment history reporting and credit score.

Milestone Gold MasterCard.png

Milestone Gold MasterCard

With Milestone Gold MasterCard consumers can: 

  • Complete a Pre-Qualification form with NO impact to their credit score.

  • Be Matched with a Milestone MasterCard using CardConnection Tool, based on consumer's credit profile.


Indigo Platinum MasterCard

The card for those with less than perfect credit!

  • Takes seconds to receive your offer

  • Won’t impact your credit score to see if you pre-qualify


DESTINY MasterCard

Destiny is the perfect card for those with imperfect credit

  • Takes seconds to receive your offer

  • Won’t impact your credit score to see if you pre-qualify

Surge MasterCard_edited.jpg

Surge MasterCard

Seize the Power of Surge MasterCard

The Surge credit card is designed for people with less than perfect credit who want to get back on track.

See if you pre-qualify

  • It won’t affect your credit score.

  • It takes less than a minute.

  • Review your offer and apply.

Fit MasterCard.png

FIT MasterCard

Get Back on Track With FIT Mastercard®

  • Free credit score by signing up for electronic statements

  • Free automatic account reviews for credit limit increases

  • $0 fraud liability for unauthorized charges.

Group One Platinum.png

Group One Platinum

How it Works

Complete our easy application and your results will be ready immediately. If approved you will have instant access to your $750 merchandise credit line along with other benefits.

  • $750 Merchandise Credit Line

  • Reports to Major Credit Bureau

  • Start Shopping Right Away!

  • Bad Credit, No Credit? No Problem!

  • No Employment or Credit Check

  • Fast and Easy Application

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